To inform and inspire Church and Community Leaders by providing resources, training, seminal, workshops, analysis and articles about our community, so Leaders know how they can work with the Government for a better society.  We believe the Church is the key to long lasting change so needed in our Country and any peace loving Country and that by working closely with our amazing members, we can transform our communities with the good news of Jesus and governmental anointing.  Vision summarised in three words; Conduct, Direction and Assistance.

Community work

  • Helping church and Community Leaders deal with abuse in different levels
  • Raising awareness of violence among the youths
  • Helping to deal with the causes of violence in the family

Domestic Violence: Facing the challenges of Domestic Violence

Any violence or abuse that is used by somebody to control or obtain power over their opponent is classified as domestic violence. This can include physical, sexual, spiritual, psychological, verbal, emotional and financial abuse. All of this can be in the church, community and society. It’s a faceless evil that has eaten deep in behaviour moulding of our society. If you alter your behaviour because you are frightened of how your partner will react, you are being abused.

All forms of violence are against the law more so gender-based violence is against the law.  If you are being abused please speak out and get in touch by phone, email or text

Supporting those who have experienced violence and abuse is at the core of everything we do here in imac working hand in hand with church leaders, community leaders and other charities in some cases. No matter what your experience in domestic violence, sexual violence, spiritual abuse, ‘honour’ based violence, forced marriage, FGM, human trafficking or modern slavery we are here to support/help you.

We run a range of specialist services to help survivors’ access safety and rebuild their lives. We understand each person’s circumstances and needs are different and that survivors need different services at different times. Our expert staffs work closely and confidentially with every individual to develop a bespoke support plan. If a woman is not sure what service she wants or needs, we will help her to explore her options.