Imac resource pack information


National Debt Help

This organisation helps individual with personal debts over £5,000 and who are able to pay around £100 per month towards their debts. This is a government approved debt solution. They will freeze debts, stop creditors chasing individuals for money and set a time limit in which to pay back some of the debt. One that time has expired the rest of the debt is written off. Individuals will need to complete an online form to see if they qualify. They offer Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVA) and Debt Management Plan solutions.


National Debt Helpers

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Same principal as National Debt Help. However, they help with debts over £6,000. For example, if you have unsecured debts totalling £20,000. Before the debt plan is in place you could be paying over £500 each month. However, after plan is in place it is reduced by 80% to just over £100 and over £13,000 of the individual’s debts are written off. Individuals will have access to free debt counselling, debt adjusting and credit information services from the Money Advice Service (organisation set up by the Government).

Same principal as above. However, according to their calculator they help with debts from £1,700 to over £20,000. They have information on IVAs), Debt Management Plans, Debt Relief Orders and Bankruptcy.



Barking and Dagenham Council

This link takes you to a page titled “Early help and support for families”. They offer support to children, young people and their families that have additional needs that are not being addressed by the usual services that are available to everyone, such as health and education.


Barking and Dagenham Council

This is also a very useful link on the council website which is titled “Children, young people and families”.


Trusted Mediators

They offer family mediation which includes financial, child custody, divorce, for Asian families and more. This is not a free service.


Free Family Mediation

This has very useful information which will help individuals decide whether mediation is what they need.



The Drop In Bereavement Centre

Due to Covid 19 the centre is only does telephone counselling by appointment only.

(T) 0207 511 6444 (M) 07396 016523 Out of hours please leave a message.


Barking and Dagenham Council


Carer’s Hub

This website has links to different bereavement services.




They serve Havering, Barking and Dagenham areas.


Barking and Dagenham Council

This link covers mental health, anxiety, depression, drugs and alcohol, eating disorders, Autism and ADHD, Self-harming, Social media, CAMHS and Improving well-being.


Psychology Services Barking and Dagenham



London Pioneer College

Immigration services and advice in London, Barking. They offer a free 10-minute consultation.


Citizens Advice Bureau – Barking and Dagenham



Homeless Link – LB Barking & Dagenham – Housing Advice and Homeless Persons Unit

Criteria: people who are homeless or threatened by homelessness


Homeless Link – Hope for Barking and Dagenham Night Shelter

Criteria: single homeless people.


Street Link

Criteria: rough sleepers.




National charity that works with single parents.


Carer’s Hub

They offer various services, including family services.


Carer’s Hub

Offers support to parents with children who have a disability or special needs.


Single Parents

Financial support for single parents. This organisation is only an information site and unable to provide one-2one correspondence.



Detailed information about financial help if you have children.