What We Believe

· God is the Creator of all that exists and the Body of Christ is the vehicle that God uses for impacting the world.

· The Word of God is the standard for both the family and the nations and should not be compromised.

· Everything we do must glorify God.

· Members of the Body of Christ should be equipped for the Challenges of Life, the expectations of God and the demands of ministry.

· What we do today affects future generations

IMAC’S 2021 Mandate

We are mandated to Unite, Equip, Enhance, Uplift & Build

We have summarised our operations for this decade under the following action plan:

1. To Unite

The Body of Christ is too un-united everywhere we have been. There are literally hundreds of church fragments consisting of Protestants, Pentecostals, Charismatic, Independents and Non-Denominational but somehow; although in so many cases we are saying and doing the same things to enhance God’s Kingdom on earth, we have for the most part either been unwilling or unable to come together for the advancement of the believers and the building of the Kingdom of God.

Our key objective is to get the church and leaders to teach, preach and live the Kingdom of God wherever possible. Now is the time in God’s Agenda to bring Unity to the Body and move in mobilising effectively the gospel of the Kingdom to the entire world as a witness to the Nations.

While we accept that the task is too great for any one person or group to fulfill, we are convinced that IMAC 2020 is mandated to do its part to cause unity to come to this group of believers from around the world. We want to help!

2. To Equip

Over the years, it has become very clear, that there are many well intentioned people who are called and chosen to do ministry, but are not as equipped as they need to be to do what they are called to do. There are many people who are literally serving at ALL levels of ministry in our Churches-Denominations-Conventions-Fellowships, holding positions for which they have no training.

IMAC accepts the view that it has been raised up to walk along side of these believers and help them to better equip themselves for the assignment to which they have been called. Indeed we believe that one of our assignments is to aid and equip our members for the work of ministry and perfect the Body of Christ.

While some churches and groups are making an effort and are doing all that they can do, there is an important and oftentimes understated need for a Greater Collective effort for the Body of Christ to Inspire, Equip and Prepare its members. We believe that we have found an approach that would assist our people in significant ways; by working in conjunction with Universities, Seminaries and Media Networks among others.

Consequently, active dialogue continues with Universities and Seminaries to assist with training in at least thirty-six (36) different areas of ministry.

3. To Enhance Marriages and Family

Many of our Christian marriages and families are in trouble. Separations and Divorces are taking place among the members of The Body at an alarming rate and members of the clergy are not being spared. We believe that there has to be an intentional focus placed on this area. IMAC is committed to doing all that it can to give focused attention to marriages, particularly those of Senior Pastors by endeavouring to provide help and support on a sustained basis. We honestly believe that God has given us Strategies that would assist greatly in enhancing and protecting marriages among the Clergy and in the Body of Christ at large.

4. To Resurrect the Dying Discipline of Prayer

The Lord has truly burdened some of us with the issue of this Dying discipline of Prayer in the Body. If we are going to shake our nations and bring them back into order and a return to God’s Agenda, then The 21st Century Church must return to the discipline, duty and practice of prayer as a fervent focus.


While prayer has always been Powerful; it has declined in its Popularity and now, for the most part, it stands as a dying discipline in the body. We believe that through our Annual CONFERENCES, this dying discipline can be resurrected.

The New Testament Church was born in prayer, empowered by prayer and sustained through prayer. The Body of Christ can no longer continue to deny the reality of the supernatural power of God and the need to operate in it.

5. To Build Genuine Fellowship

IMAC seeks to be an organism where the Body of Christ may experience Real, Authentic and Lasting Relationships among the brethren. We will endeavour to be our brothers’ keeper and to do our part to forge genuine relationship, offer assistance and support whenever possible. We will let No Name, Denominational Tie, Doctrinal Belief, Socio-Economical or Cultural Composition prevent us from experiencing the authentic fellowship of the saints. We firmly believe that there is more that unites us than that which divides us.